Creative Technologist
Olivier Meyer

2021 Showreel

programming + audiovisuals


Professional + student works


Universal WebGL product configurator


Augmented interactive scene for dance performance


Hybrid AR board game that is also a comic book


Interactive and collaborative aquarium simulation

Kitchen Nightmare

VR game about doing the dishes

Dead Net

Cyberpunk zombie movie intro sequence

Spline Racer

OpenGL airplane racing game made from scratch


Dialogue between a dancing performer and an AI

La purée

Animated videoclip about mashed potatoes


Contemplative game to explore along with a tale


Mixed reality short film made with no green screen


Curious bird-robot which dances with visitors

Les lunettes

Short film about a kid who develops special powers…


Ocean themed OpenGL shoot 'em up game

Echec et taf

Short film about a man trapped in an enigmatic labyrinth…


Journey + philosophy

I belong to the family of artist-programmers.

2 years of experience as fullstack and webGL developer plus various projects ranging from building game engines to designing interactive systems. I am a UX-centric problem solver. Trained and having worked both as a designer and an engineer, my multifaceted profile allows me to communicate efficiently with tech teams, art teams and to understand the needs of my clients.

I have a degree in creative engineering from IMAC school in Paris, FR wich I obtained after an exchange in digital creation at UQAT university, Quebec, CA

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